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Signs Your Property Has Water Damage

You may think that water damage is easy to detect, but the truth is most of us miss the early warning signs. Water damage is easily hidden behind your walls, under your floorboards or even on the exterior of your property. If left undetected, water can cause extensive damage to your home or business.

Instead of waiting for the catastrophic effects, be proactive and look for the early warning signs. Identifying the source is the key to fixing this issue.



Look for water spots or stains on your ceiling. The area may appear damp with a yellow, brown or copper colour. Observe your walls for bubbling, cracking, peeling paint or staining.

Water Accumulation

Wet floor can go unnoticed, especially if the water is only accumulating in the corners or in unused rooms. Other areas where you may experience pooling water are around toilets, washers and water heaters. Carpeted rooms will feel wet to the touch, spongy or soggy.

Texture Change

Water damage in floors is mainly detected by changes in texture. This is due to water seeping into and underneath the floorboards.

  • Warping – gaps between floorboards or curling at the edges.
  • Buckling – Occurs in wood floors when one side becomes detached and faces upward.
  • Sagging/Sinking – Soft spots in hardwood due to rotten wood. This is a result of water seeping into the subflooring and causing sagging.
  • Expansion – When wood and laminate floors absorb too much water the material swells and then separates causing them to “expand”.


Mould and mildew is usually the main cause of an odour, due to water accumulating over an extended period of time. If not fixed, the mould will eventually result in visual discolouration, such as black spots. Mould is commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, basements and anywhere excess moisture goes unnoticed.


Unfortunately, many people wait too late before calling for help. If you suspect your home or property has water damage, don’t hesitate, call your local WINMAR professionals as soon as you can. We will take the necessary steps to ensure your property is restored and your personal belongings are protected.

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