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Prevent Water Damage While on Vacation this Summer

Don’t let the warm weather fool you! While water damage is more prevalent in winter and early spring, it can also occur in the hot months of summer. If a pipe leaks or bursts, water can destroy carpets, furniture and even worse, the walls and foundation of your home. Use these tips to help prepare your property against water damage whenever you are leaving it:


Check for leaks

Before you leave, do a thorough check for leaks. Look at the pipes, under all sinks, check your water heater for cracks and rust. The seals around your windows should be in good condition in case of a storm.


Shut off the water main

Shut off the water main if there is no one to check your property and you are travelling for long periods of time. Most leakage happens when there is a buildup in the pipes preventing water from draining. By turning off the water main, you aren’t fixing the problem but you are avoiding a potential disaster.


Drain the pipes

Once your water main is off, turn on all faucets to let any built-up water out, relieving any pressure. If you have a leaky faucet it will not cause any issues.


Turn off the water heater

Turning off the water heater will save you energy, while preventing any issues should it have a problem.


Test your sump pump

Clear all debris by filling the sump pit and running the pump. Examine and listen to the motor for strange sounds and make sure the water is going outside. Install a battery-powered backup source in case of a power outage while away.


Check your gutters

Clear all the debris from your rain gutter and check the downspouts for any blockage.


Have a friend check your home

Have a friend or family member check your property periodically. He or she should know where the water main is located in the event a pipe leaks or bursts.


We’re here to help make sure your property survives the summer season. If you happen to experience water damage of any kind, you can always rely on our Winmar experts to immediately and professionally restore your property.

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