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Halloween Fire Prevention Tips

Halloween is both a fun and spooky time of year. However the real spook is having to deal with an accidental fire in your very own home. Between halloween decorations, costumes and trick-or-treaters, fire safety is the last thing on anyone’s mind. The good news is that many common causes of Halloween fires are preventable if you keep these six tips in mind:


Flammable Decorations

Cornstalks, hay bales and paper based decorations can easily ignite. Place them away from candles and other heat sources, such as light fixtures and heaters.


Electric Candles

Consider using battery operated candles or glow sticks in place of real candles to light jack-o-lanterns. If you decide to use real candles, light them with a long match or utility lighter and place them out of children’s or pets reach.


Costume Safety

Long trailing or bulky costumes can be a hazard on their own. If your child is wearing a mask, make sure the eye holes are big enough so their view is unobstructed.


Outdoor Decorations

Keep away from torches or candles to illuminate the exterior of your property to avoid the danger of costumes catching fire.


Light Fixtures

Homeowners should check each set of lights for frayed wires, loose connections or broken sockets. Only lights that have been tested for safety should be used.


Escape Routes

Exits should be kept clear of decorations for a safe evacuation in case of a fire.


While Halloween is a fun time of year, it can easily lead to property damage due to negligence and other causes. If your home as been ravaged by ghouls and goblins, give your local Winmar a call – your property restoration specialists.

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