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Closing Your Cottage for Winter

Leaving your cottage for the last time each summer is upsetting – there’s no doubt about that. The other unfortunate part is, it should also be a lot of work! It might not be fun but properly winterizing your cottage is important to ensure you can enjoy it next summer without any surprises or emergencies that could cost you.

Here are some cottage winterizing tips:

Shut off Your Water

Shutting of your main water supply and draining the pipes (turn on a faucet to ensure everything comes out after) will prevent your pipes from freezing over the winter, and potentially bursting. This can be super problematic especially if you’re not aware that it happened until the spring.

Wrap Your Pipes

If your walls are not insulated, or in need of updated insulation, wrapping your pipes with foam will help to prevent freezing and bursting as well. If your cottage is insulated, check to see if your pipes pass through a particularly chilly area like a garage or crawlspace; these pipes should be wrapped as well.


Unplug all major appliances to avoid electrical fires. While shutting off the power to your entire cottage may seem like the better option, this can turn off your sump pump which can lead to flooding.

Over & Under

Check your roof and under/around your cottage – search for shingles to replace and small spaces critter could sneak through. There’s nothing worse than coming back to a leaky roof and a few unexpected house guests who’ve made your personal belongings theirs.

Take Photos

In the unfortunate event of weather-related damage, a fire, or a break-in, it’s important to have documentation of what your cottage looked like when you left it. This will make the insurance and reconstruction processes go much smoother.

Keep Winmar Durham in mind next summer! If you’re faced with some unexpected cottage troubles, we can restore your property back to pre-loss condition.

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